The recent loss of the final 260 jobs at AK Steel and now the devasting news about the closing of Bellefonte Hospital makes one hope that our elected officials make it as convenient as possible for these hard-working people to temporarily keep the bills paid and apply for unemployment benefits.

As most of us remember, the Kentucky Career Center/Unemployment Office in Ashland provided walk-in service for this. But it was closed in early 2017 by the Bevin administration. The closest walk-up center is now in Morehead unless one tries the hassle of applying online.

With the lawmakers now crafting the next two-year budget in Frankfort, it would sure be thoughtful if our local legislators could file a bill for re-opening the center. Many people expressed sentiments at the time in 2017 that it should have never been closed in the first place.

Paul Amburgey


Answer to

Delan’s column

This is an answer to Dalton Delan’s column in the Jan. 6 opinion page of The Daily Independent. For one thing, I didn’t know that the communist party was the most prominent group to head the civil rights movement after World War II. Mr. Delan said they were. That is odd because I know many black families who hate the communists a lot more than I do. These are families who lost loved ones in Vietnam or Korea.

So, in answer to Mr. Delan’s heart-wrenching story about a communist agitator of the 1950s who had to do a little jail time I say, “Tell it to the families of the over 100,000 Americans who died fighting a communist world take-over attempt in the 1900s in Korea and Vietnam!” I doubt if he would get much sympathy from those families.

Randall McGlone


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