In this 2020 General Election, both parties are wondering why their strategies aren’t working as planned. The Republican Party strongholds have rallied the base into straight-ticket voting — something that has been working for them since the G.W. Bush and the Tea Party years.

Pulling that red lever meant success and got G.W. Bush elected and our country into a 19-year war. There are soldiers fighting today whose parents were in high school. We now have military units that have parents and children in the same division. Straight-party voting isn’t good for Democracy in the United States because our government was set up to run under a series of checks and balances. If that balance is canceled, democracy under the U.S. system will be destroyed. It can and will revert to a system that allows the Electoral College to pick its leaders through litigation.

The Democrats have moved from their traditional values representing the average man and woman into a far-left agenda — not totally correct, but they have allowed the Republicans to paint them in that light. Oh, the gnashing of teeth, if Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, workForce development, AFDC, disability and so on, were taken away! The question has to do with government services and paying for it.

Being open to that discussion does not make any of us a Libertarian, a Communist or a Socialist. It makes us a citizen of the United States. So stick your partisanship where the sun don’t shine! And let’s get back to governance by consultation, compromise and respect!

Jolene Thompson


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