My hats off to the young men who earned and deserved Eagle Scout. But just as a matter of some information, my Court of Honor in 1971 had seven of us earning Eagle Scout. It was not a time of COVID, but a good scoutmaster can help those boys. We had an excellent scoutmaster who produced many Eagle Scouts after that.

I just wanted you to know that it takes a good leader to keep boys interested and going in scouting. My hat is off to the scoutmaster for this achievement.

James Gillespie

Westfield, New York

Get things done,

on both sides

This letter is in reference to your “In Our View” in the May 20 paper. I am glad that your paper and staff agree with me on this subject. You stated “any sort of petty political fight always seems to grow into a destructive distraction.” You also stated that, “representatives on both sides were elected to get things done, not fight about masks.”

I agree with you 100%. However these same principles should have been applied to the destructive, expensive and useless witch hunts that went on during Trump’s four years. The Mueller report and both impeachments were time-consuming, useless and expensive. They were not what we sent and paid delegates to go to Washington to do. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were just acting like teenagers who didn’t get invited to the prom and did it at our expense. Why do left-wingers bow to the likes of Pelosi and Schumer?

Why do left-wingers give Pelosi and Schumer a free pass and then condemn Republicans for wasting time in congress?

Randall McGlone


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