I loved the tribute Sally Hermansdorfer was given by Lee Ward. But one thing I will always remember wasn’t mentioned. She was a girl scout leader.

Unlike most other girl scout leaders, she was very involved — not only in activities but the lives of “her girls.”

I know for a fact there were a couple of girls who couldn’t afford to be in the girl scouts. There weren’t any scholarships, family resource centers or various other funds available in the 1960s. Yet there those girls were in full uniform and just as involved. So I know she either provided for them herself or at minimum found someone who could.

Then there were the activities. There was no simple sitting around talking and/or reading. She always had something going on. My sash was not only full in the front but part way up the back as were most everyone else’s.

What she did for adults was nice. But she made a huge difference in the lives of those still being shaped. Rest in peace, sweet lady. It truly mattered that you lived.

Sylvia McClelland-Morrison


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