I am overjoyed that you shared the story of the Blazer teens and residents at Morning Pointe. In times when most of what you hear of COVID-19 is heartbreaking, this is amazing and hopeful.

This project is brilliant for being inclusive to those who are unable to color the pages drawn by the teens. The sensory bags are so thoughtful for those who no longer have the motor skills to color the students’ drawings.

These students are learning life lessons and getting a taste of history, and the residents are getting the chance to make a new acquaintance. As a result, everyone is getting the gift of connection, while all have been so isolated during the pandemic.

The quotes from these students show wisdom beyond their years and give me hope for the future. The CNA that put this together deserves tremendous recognition.

Jessica Shane


Anti-police, anti-cats?

President Trump’s lawsuit should include my name also. Facebook would not allow two of my posts. One was a Happy Birthday to my grandson (by marriage), which had a picture of him in his police uniform. The other was a story of a woman working in an animal shelter and her lost cat was brought in.

Both times Facebook said I went against their community standards.

Now how did these go against their community standards? Could it be that Facebook is anti-police and anti-cats?

Barbara Day


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