The body of James D. Smith was found located inside of a tent behind Ruby Tuesday Sunday afternoon. The coroner reported that Mr. Smith might have been there for days lying inside his tent, waiting to be found.

In death as in life, he was alone — sheltered from the eyes of the public, but in plain sight, for all to see. Mr. Smith represents hundreds of homeless and transitional individuals who live in and around Ashland. His death is another reminder that there is an invisible sub-society right under our noses who need the community’s help to be seen, helped and respected.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Smith was a frequent guest of The Neighborhood and the non-profit agencies housed within her walls. My heart broke as I read the story about his tragic death, as he faced the end of his life alone, abandoned by society, and hidden just out of view of the general public.

When you help the Ashland Community Kitchen or the other non-profits inside The Neighborhood, you are helping the invisible become visible again. Let us make sure that another James Smith does not die alone, but is supported in life and celebrated in death.

Dr. Desmond Barrett

Executive Director, Ashland Community Kitchen

Keep it up,


Many praises again go to Henry Culvyhouse for his writing style and exciting humor and most interesting articles. He brings originality and a constant, subtle description that demands that we finish the piece, not just the headline and first few lines of his content.

I recall one descriptive recap of a chase recently. I hope he keeps up his super fine input into our Daily Independent.

Wanda Huffman


TDI too liberal

As a subscriber to this newspaper for well over 40 years, I now feel compelled to write my first letter to the editor.

I receive this paper for the sole reason to be informed of local and national news on a totally unbiased level of reporting.

I am beyond offended that your recent “In Our View” editorial would have the gall to try to put words in my mouth. I’m talking about the one in which you ranted your feelings about “Black Lives Matter,” and demanded that your readers not say “All Lives Matter.” I can tell you straight up tat I don’t need your leftist viewpoints to help me make up my mind about what political persuasion to follow, and I certainly don’t need an opinion from The Washington Post and The New York Times here in eastern Kentucky.

Fox News handles those liberals quite well. I have a feeling I am not the only Daily Independent reader who feels this way. Perhaps I don’t need any propaganda that flows from the bowels of CNHI Media Group.

Ron Mabry


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