Braidy Industries has hired an acting President and CEO, as reported in the DI Thursday, June 25. His name is Don Foster. This is what I’d like to say to him.

Mr Foster, I’m sure you have a lot on your mind. However, there is one task you need to put at the center of your desk. Do this now: Level with this community, and our surrounding communities, regarding Braidy’s status.  

Show us your milestone plan for obtaining financing to support this project. Show us where we are that milestone plan. Tell us what we can do to help.

You will find you can get a great deal of help from these communities. Braidy, to date, has not seemed to understand, or even actually desire, to leverage community support.  

From what I’ve seen so far, your company’s corporate culture seems seriously flawed and its lack of transparency — never Braidy’s strong suit — is threatening the company’s survival.

That must change.

For all his talk of loving eastern Kentucky, and yadda yadda, Craig Bouchard never “got” us. That had a lot to do with his ending here. Be straight with us and you’ll do better.

Gerald B. Thompson


Not seeing widespread racism

As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I did not see systemic racism in police ranks, nor in the military. As a Vietnam veteran, a man’s color didn’t matter.  Each pulled his own weight and took the same risks. When rocket rounds are falling, race doesn’t seem so important. There is racism in our country, but I don’t believe it is widespread. Before I retired, I always kept the following code of ethics on my desk as a reminder. It is both timely and needful for today.

This is the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers Code of Ethics:

As a Christian peace officer my priority shall be service to God and then to man. In all I do, my God shall have preeminence. I recognize that all authority comes from God and that at the final judgment I will stand before Him accountable for my use of authority. I will seek His guidance in all my decisions.

I live the most closely defined double standard of all, that being both a Christian and law enforcement officer. My public and family life will be carefully weighed by those around me.  Me life must be exemplary of the ethics I enforce professionally and must radiate with the joy of life in Christ.

I see the needs of a needy people and the loss of a reckless people. Though I cannot take the role of guardian with all I meet, where possible I will lend a hand or share a smile, and when I can, I will give a cup of water in His Name.

As a Christian, I am not above others, as a peace officer, I am not beneath, but as a human being, I am from among. To be of service to man and in submission to God.  

Doug Spillman


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