Hats off (again) to Henry Culvyhouse for his Saturday, May 22, front-page report on the current state of drugs. His organized, very informative and scary article was shocking and covered all levels of our drug problem.

His vast word vault and his unique descriptions made putting the long entry down impossible.

Also, his reporting of arrests, escapes and other “cops and robbers” news in our town always reflect his down-home sense of humor. Keep it going!

Wanda Huffman


God-blessed America

Memorial Day is the day we set aside to honor our real heroes: The men and women who have given their lives to ensure that the freedoms given to us by our Creator God remain steadfast. Imagine that — they loved freedom so much that they were willing to die. And of those who were blessed to come home, many had been wounded or lived with the horrific memories of casualties they witnessed.

These heroes loved and respected the symbolism of the American Flag. They still do. Bowing the knee to the Flag is unacceptable to those of us who appreciate being born or naturalized citizens of the United States of America — the country more blessed by God than any in history. That's why so many want to come here and that none of us want to leave.  

Unfortunately, there are those who do not appreciate our country and want to tear her down; if they want to leave, they are free to do so. We all have the same opportunity to enjoy what is called the American dream, but it requires work and determination. One cannot live in the past and move forward. The Apostle Paul said, “Forgetting those things which are behind, I press forward.” This could apply to all of us, not just those to whom Paul was writing.

Another class of heroes are those who for millennia have been tortured and executed for their belief in God and the Bible. Christian persecution continues.  Thousands of God-fearing men and women are suffering for the cause of Christ in many countries whose leaders do not believe in the God of the Bible. We in America could not relate to Christian persecution ... until recently. Although we are not being imprisoned and executed for our faith, persecution has taken other forms and will only get worse as we near the end of this age. We have leaders who do not put God first. Remember Acts 5:29 — "We ought to obey God rather than men."

Glenda Wellman Conn


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