Having practiced as a registered Landscape Architect in my hometown for 35 years, it’s time to say, “I’m excited!” There are suddenly so many wonderful things happening in our city and county. Our community is simply fraught with opportunity and poised for something really special.

The traffic concept proposed for Winchester Avenue is just what we need to create the inviting, walkable environment that has worked economic wonders in similar downtowns around our country. The roundabouts remove the traffic lights to slow vehicles to a pace that is safer for pedestrians and allow motorists a good look at businesses along the way. These are single-lane mini-roundabouts that require no learning curve for local drivers. 

Located at 14th, 15th, 17th and 18th Streets, they don’t impact bridge traffic. The plan is not “some fad” but is based on numerous success stories that beg the question: If it “works” everywhere else, why on earth wouldn’t it work in Ashland?

Not everyone has the opportunity to work with the City, but I can commend our solid, dedicated and yes, inspired, city staff (top to bottom), Board of Commissioners and Mayor. As a team they have consistently impressed me with their collective vision and intense desire to achieve the best for all of us. Destination Ashland, Tourism and Ashland in Motion are on the case like never before. Look out for great things!

A really tremendous project happening now is the construction of the all-new, state-of-the-art Clark Family Discovery Center at the Highlands Museum. It will be a key component of our long-term downtown success story. Get involved!

Roger Brooks, the nationally renowned revitalization expert, conducted a workshop here and declared that Ashland already had many of the necessary parts in place to be a sustainable, amazing downtown. We’re blessed with jewels like the Paramount, the Highlands Museum, Broadway Square, the beautiful Delta Hotel, and handsome, historic churches to boot. 

Property owners have been working wonders; check out those new doors on the lovingly restored G.C. Murphy building.

Open minds are in order. Get ready for all the great things that are just around the corner!


Kim Jenkins


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