I am writing this letter in response to Mr. Ewing and all the other writers who have canceled their subscriptions to The Daily Independent because they did not agree with an article or viewpoint expressed in the paper. Canceling your subscription and quitting the paper is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Most of you are good writers and I enjoy reading your views on things. I may not agree with them all, but that is life. Don’t just quit because an article didn’t go your way.

All great athletes have lost at times and didn’t quit just because things didn’t go their way. Mike Malone lost a race for County Clerk of Carter County but didn't quit and is now in his second term as County Judge-Executive.

The point I am making is just because something doesn't go your way or you disagree with something are no reasons to quit. I don’t agree with everything The Daily Independent writes and I’m sure they don’t agree with everything that I write, but I still keep my subscription up and enjoy the local news and viewpoints.

Canceling your paper and getting out of touch with things is not the answer. Hang in there and fight it out! Like I have said before, if everyone thought alike then everybody but one person is wasted.

Randall McGlone    


Closures wrong

route to go

My household received a call from our church telling us that Gov. Andy Beshear has urged pausing in-church services again. My wife and I have been following church services online, but people were going to church services every week after it was opened back up.

While I was following church services online, I could see that everyone wore a mask and everyone not living in the same household were seating 6 feet apart. The governor has decided that church services can’t be held but liquor stores and tobacco stores are essential business and they can still operate. The only reason for alcohol and tobacco stores to remain open is the lobbyists control our state and federal governments.

I have read that death from the flu runs between 1.7% and 2.2% each year. I am seeing COVID-19 death rate from 0.5% to 1.5%. In the U.S., there were approximately 80,000 deaths from the flu during the last flu season. We have never stopped our economy for the flu.

By having people stay home and not work and not socialize, we are creating more stress on families and individuals. Domestic violence, depression rates and suicide rates are up. With all of the shutdowns, people are losing business and jobs, and getting behind on their payments. Tell me this: how does this shutdown help the American people?

Michael Caudill


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