I would like to ask the voters to consider a few things about Myra Jones King, candidate for Boyd County Clerk.

She states she will have fair, honest elections. Have they not been fair and honest under the previous clerks, most recently Debbie Jones Castle, her mother?

How can she have fair, honest, transparent elections when her nomination wasn’t?

Her husband, Craig King, is on the local board of elections, her stepfather Proctor Castle, is on the Democrat Executive Board. Both were placed there by said former clerk.

No other Democrat was even considered. This was planned before Debbie Jones left for Myra to become clerk.

As for her five years of experience, she was the bookkeeper only. She never worked in autos, deeds, elections, etc. Ask any employee there. I suggest people research the candidates and what they are about. I have done my research and my vote is for Kevin Johnston for Boyd County Clerk.

Toni McDowell


Reader wrong in assessment of clerk candidates

I have read with interest the letter to the editor by Kenny Parker on Oct. 10, and frankly I had to chuckle. Mr. Parker goes on about the boards Mr. Johnston serves on, but he failed to state Mr. Johnston was placed on all paying county boards, not by his merit, but by his stepdad, then county Judge-Executive Steve Towler, during his one-year term.

Another interesting point Mr. Parker brings up is Mr. Johnston’s 15-year employment as a right-of-way agent for a company that represents Marathon pipeline. One would have to ask, if elected, is Mr. Johnston joining the ranks of the other elected officials with a name on the door, and the county taxpayers’ money in his pocket, while working another full-time job, as Mr. Eric Chaney does, and other elected officials that do not show up in their offices to do the job the voters elected them to do?

Mr. Parker goes on to say there is only one choice for Boyd County Clerk, and he is correct. The clear choice is Myra Jones King, who has been an employee in the clerk’s office for five years. As the bookkeeper, she has handled millions of dollars, with excellent audits (performed by the Kentucky Auditors Office) experienced in handling the public’s needs, issuing marriage licenses, notary bonds, fishing and hunting licenses, collecting delinquent taxes and handling the reporting, conducting the yearly delinquent tax sales, all aspects of motor vehicle licensing and the elections.

Mrs. King is also is a certified passport agent and certified vehicle inspector. Mr. Johnston has no knowledge or training in these areas.

She is trained and ready to go Day 1, and currently works with the wonderful women that were hired by the previous administration.

I am asking the voters of Boyd County to join me in supporting Myra Jones King, and restore the clerk’s office to the pleasant atmosphere and inviting workplace the clerk’s office once was to get your business professionally taken care of.

Sharon Brumfield


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