Pliny the Younger (62-113 AD) astutely describes the differences between a Trump and Biden presidency ...

In a letter to Maximus as he travels to Athens, birthplace of democracy:

Pliny writes,

“Far be pride and asperity from my friend; nor fear, by a proper condescension, to lay yourself open to contempt. Can he who is vested with the power and bears the ensigns of authority, can he fail of meeting with respect, unless by pursuing base and sordid measures, and first breaking through that reverence he owes to himself? Ill, believe me, is power proved by insult; ill can terror command veneration, and far more effectual is affection in obtaining one’s purpose than fear. For terror operates no longer than its object is present, but love produces its effects with its object at a distance: and as absence changes the former into hatred, it raises the latter into respect. And therefore you ought (and I cannot but repeat it too often), you ought to well consider the nature of your office, and to represent to yourself how great and important the task is of governing a free state. For what can be better for society than such government, what can be more precious than freedom? How ignominious then must his conduct be who turns good government into anarchy, and liberty into slavery?”

In other words, Trump equals terror, anarchy and hate

And Biden is for good government, liberty and love.

If we aren’t careful, we may see history repeating itself from Roman republic to Roman empire of dictatorship and American democracy falling to the repetition of history!

Michael Hayes Jr.


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