Michael Caudill questions why in-church services are closed while liquor and tobacco stores are allowed to remain open. Here are my thoughts on that subject:

Do you sing and shout in tobacco or liquor stores? Both have been shown to spread the COVID-19 germs. Do you hug and kiss and shake hands in said stores as you do in church?

Are there as many in the stores at one time as there are in church? I know, these practices can be avoided, but are they? Ever go to church and not sing?

The tired comparison of COVID vs. the flu is a little misleading. The flu season is approximately six months in duration — 80,000 deaths, he says. COVID-19 deaths are at 150,000 in the first six months and no end in sight.

I don’t drink or smoke so whether those store are open matters to me only in the context of spreading the virus. I understand the frustrations of keeping the economy shut down and I can sympathize with those being affected. But I believe if it saves lives it’s what we should do. A life cannot be brought back. The economy can be.

Janice Miller


Time for school physicals

Now is the time to schedule back-to-school and sports physicals. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students must have a physical examination and all required immunizations before starting school. Health care providers are following stringent protocols to keep clinics safe for your family.

Seeing your child in-person helps determine problems early on. For children and adolescents, we check the growth, development and well-being of children, including their emotional well-being. We’ve seen lots of children experiencing stress, depression and anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your child’s doctor will be able to do a basic check of your child’s mental health during a physical or well-child check.

Patients have the option to wait in our socially distanced waiting room or they can call the office to confirm they have arrived for their appointment. Patients can wait in their cars, and the nurse calls you back when they have a room ready. Patients get a temperature check to ensure they do not have a fever and are asked screening questions.

We’ve enhanced our infection control protocols and disinfect bathrooms, rooms thoroughly in between appointments. All team members wear personal protective equipment, and we require all patients to wear masks as well.

To make an appointment, call (606) 789-8749.

Dr. Brittany Fairchild

Paintsville (Paul B. Hall)

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