That was a great letter from Marvin Gearhart earlier this week, and thanks for your service.

I won’t support organizations showing disrespect for our flag. I called the UK Alumni Association demanding my name be taken off their mailing list when their coach and players knelt for the National Anthem. I explained my father served stateside during WWII, an uncle served in Germany and an uncle was wounded in the Pacific.

I have a friend and longtime baseball teammate who lost a brother in Vietnam. I no longer wear anything with a UK or pro league logo.

The far left loves the college and pro support. The left has determined there is no place for conservative or Judeo-Christian values in the U.S. They now believe they dominate all government and have started the purge. We see a coalition of corrupt politicians from both sides, big tech, social media, big business, media and globalists to achieve these goals. Education has “evolved” from teaching how to think, question and look for proof to teaching what to believe or else be banned for straying from leftist ideology. Look at the silencing of conservative voices by education and big tech.

Question if you are given truth and look for proof. Do fencing and troops at the Capitol resemble a free nation or one taken over by a coup? Do you believe the following actions are God’s will? Executive orders to use tax dollars to help with abortions in foreign countries and allowing transgenders access to girls’ locker room and sports.

Learn about the left’s playbook written by Saul Alinsky.

Election fraud claims are called the “big lie.” The “big lie” was used by Hitler and the Nazis.

Dwight Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex. Did this complex align against Donald Trump for withdrawing troops and being the first president in decades to not start a war?

Bob Bryson

South Shore

It’s called the sun

This is a brief comment in response to Mr. Ewing’s letter on Feb. 5 entitled “Yes, only one God.”

Of the hundreds of societies down through history that have worshipped perhaps thousands of gods there is, yes, “only one god” that can be physically seen, felt and, without it, life on earth would have never existed.  

That god went by many, many different names depending on which society/country. To the non-religious, it is called the sun. If there is another worshipped being or thing that has the three above characteristics, I have yet to read about him, her or it.   

Richard Stephens


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