Ever had a loud noise awaken you? Your hearts pounds, you are disoriented, and you are panicked until you realize you are indeed safe.

Even when you’re not asleep, an unexpected loud sound can cause you discomfort. What was it? What happened?

Now imagine the police caused that noise by busting into your home unannounced. That is a no-knock search warrant. Scary stuff, huh? And even if you are a law-abiding citizen, law enforcement officers can make mistakes and come charging into your house.

The Kentucky Legislature has an opportunity to expand Louisville’s ban on no-knock warrants throughout the Commonwealth. House Bill 21 would make sure judges determine whether violent entry to serve a warrant is necessary. It would require all law enforcement officers wear and activate body cameras when carrying out search warrants. These seem like reasonable protections for us all.

I urge you to reach out to your legislative representatives and tell them how important it is to enact HB 21.

Stephanie L. Rigsby


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