Showing up in email boxes of government employees in the Departments of Homeland Security and NASA, there were requests asking them if they would consider taking a four-month paid leave of absence from their job to help care for migrant children in government-run shelters at the southern border. Imagine that! 

In March, border agents dealt with 19,000 children, and that number is expected to double by June. These border agents surely did not sign up to maintain a giant day care center caring for children who can't even speak English. They are packed together like sardines, it is reported. Pictures of these children living in such conditions is heartbreaking.

Poor President Biden. He's probably regretting that he allowed the Democrats to convince him to run for President. His plans are not happening as he'd hoped. The extremely liberal people who are advising him, including his VP, are so incompetent; and most of them he's chosen are women. His female border “czar” has already announced her resignation. Can't blame her.

The Biden-Harris administration intended to begin Jan. 21, 2021, carrying out their liberal policies, blaming former President Trump for COVID deaths and they were going to fix the problem. They continue providing the vaccine, but insist we still have to wear masks, seemingly indefinitely. They also were going to plunge us farther into debt with their “wish list” items. But it appears that the Border problem is overwhelming them. Biden and Harris can't even bring themselves to go to the border to view the mess they have made. The federal government is having to spend more than $60 million per week to care for these unaccompanied children.

Almost every time our President speaks, he further shows that he is incapable of doing the job of the world's leader. In naming his anti-gun ATF nominee, he called him the AFT nominee … not once, but twice. AFT is a teacher's union. It's really sad. I don't think he'll be able to manage the job much longer.


Glenda Wellman Conn


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