What an absolute tragic mess in Afghanistan! Glenn Beck says if he could bring those stranded in Afghanistan to the southern border, they could just walk across.  President Biden’s “open border policy” is a sure way for them to get to the United States.

The Biden Administration is so incompetent. That’s the consequences of the past election. Many of President Biden’s cabinet departments are running so inefficiently. They have failed with COVID, the border, the economy and foreign policy. The State department has been in charge of the Afghan evacuation process, which has been a complete debacle.

John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman said it was a difficult process, with “hiccups” and problems. That’s quite an understatement! Biden’s press secretary admitted that some Americans will be left behind. So, I suspect we’ll be seeing some executions because the Taliban is vicious. And we may experience terrorist attacks from that area.

I doubt that former President Trump would have allowed this to happen. I think the Taliban respected him; they could never be sure what he would do. They knew not to cross him! I can’t imagine his allowing them to confiscate all our military equipment — he would have destroyed it before he would let them have it.

Joe Biden is wrong when he says no one could have executed this evacuation better.

Glenda Wellman Conn


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