Abortion is probably the biggest moral issue in America today. I read an article posted on Facebook that stated that since the term abortion did not appear in the Bible, it isn’t an issue. I agree that the term does not exist, but the Bible does speak loudly about it.

“What is abortion in God’s eyes?” To paraphrase Nehemiah 9:6, God alone is God, giver of life to everything. To grant a woman the right to choose abortion is exalting women to deity by granting them the powers of life and death. The woman and the abortionist are assuming an authority only God can have.

Does life begin before birth? In Luke 1:41 it says “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the baby leaped in her womb.” This tells us that the preborn child is growing in the humanity he or she already possesses. He or she is not a potential person, but a person with great potential.  

Psalm 139 says God creates us in the womb. Because God gives humanity, aborting a child destroys the humanity God has given. Humanity is not earned, it is inherent from the moment of conception. Our biblical doctrine of dignity of all humankind lead to humanizing slaves, grantIng women’s suffrage, giving rights to minorities, the handicapped and to children.

Abortion takes the life of another for one’s own convenience.  

Phyllis Howard


Looking at COVID, flu numbers

After looking at the CDC and various government websites, here are some of the statistics that I have come up with.

An average of 12.5% of the U.S. population gets the flu every year with a recovery rate of 99.9%. With 80% of the deaths the people were over 65 years old. With COVID-19, I have found the recovery rate from 97.9% to 99.7%. With 73.7% of these over 65 years old and 99.9% of these people had underlying conditions.

I could not find the number of people with the flu that had underlying conditions, however I believe it to be high also. When looking at these numbers I can not understand why we have shut down business and churches. It is my belief that shortly after the election in November, no matter who wins, you will see the country open up.

Michael W. Caudill


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