Experts tell us the best defense against COVID-19 is vaccination. Some have taken the vaccine; others have not. I did my small part and received the J & J vaccine back in March with no problem.

The vaccination, for me, was more for others than myself. Now, the Delta variant is the strongest virus today so Americans in many states have been asked to wear masks

again and vaccinate in hopes of 70% herd immunity.

But, the virus worse than COVID-19 is a nation slowly inching toward being an anti-Christian nation. The signs are everywhere and one does not need to be a theologian to realize this. Our nation was founded as “one nation

under God” yet many of our ideals are certainly not Christian values. We are killing the unborn and determining how long our elderly should live and then scratch our heads and wonder “where did we go wrong?” On

the day of final judgment we will have to give an answer as a nation for the way we have lived as a Christian, God-fearing nation. We will fall short in many areas.

The role of a Christian in the world is to filter the atmosphere on earth and expand the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God while preserving our spiritual balance so that we can live up to our commitment as “one nation

under God.” In my view, this is the greatest threat our nation faces today and it starts with everyone, one of us not “sleeping at the wheel.” God blessed America, now it's time we bless God!

Kathleen Chamis


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