First, the CEO of Coke tells his white employees to stop acting white.

Now he is after the Georgia state government for voting into law voter ID. As of this past weekend, I have stopped buying Coke products. If you tell your white employees to stop acting white, you also need to tell your Black employees to stop acting Black, your Asian employees to stop acting Asian and your Hispanic employees to stop acting Hispanic.

As far as voter ID is concerned, 19 states have had voter ID requirments for years. Kentucky is one of these. I started voting in 1966 here in Kentucky. To register to vote, I had to show my ID and every time I went to vote, I had to show ID. I had an uncle who never drove but he had his state ID for Ohio when he lived there and for Kentucky when he moved back to Kentucky.

In all states you need ID to purchase cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. You also need a state ID to go to the hospital, doctor, get a bank loan, get insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, to fly on an airplane and to purchase a gun.

There a probably others that I have left off the list that require ID. With all of the illegals, people with with green cards and felons who are not allowed to vote, all states should require voter ID. This is the only way to have a chance of an election that is fair. Before you complain that I am a Republican trying to stop people from voting, I have been a registered Democrat since 1966.

Michael W. Caudill


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