Our friends know that my wife and I work closely with candidates we feel would be a good fit for a particular office. We both feel that our friend, Kevin Johnston, would do an exceptional job as Boyd County Clerk.

His qualifications are far too numerous to mention here due to limited space requirements, but I’ll highlight a few that we feel would make him the best candidate for this position.

He has spent the past 15 years as Senior Right of Way Specialist for Salem Land Services representing Marathon Pipeline.

He currently serves as Commissioner for the Cannonsburg Water District, has served as Chairman for the Boyd County Sheriff’s Office Merit Board, Site-Based Council for Ashland Middle School and nine years on the Ashland JFL Board — three of those years as President and Vice President.

He currently spends a great deal of time working with the public at the courthouse researching current landowner information for upcoming projects.

He has a great deal of experience working with budgets for various organizations and is well versed in filling out necessary documentation for obtaining local, state and federal permits plus seeing that payment schedules are completed after each permitted project is finished.

He has a plan to make the County Clerk’s office more self-sufficient and to integrate systems in the Clerk’s office to work more efficiently with the PVA, Fiscal Court and Sheriff’s office which will save taxpayers money and easing the process for documentation access: for residents, realtors, attorneys and appraisers.

He’ll be working with a great team of employees already in place at the office. With their experience and his, they’ll be able to better serve Boyd County.

As far as we're concerned, there is but one choice for Boyd County Clerk, and that choice is Kevin Johnston!

Kenny Parker


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