Dear Boyd County Democrats, I am writing about an exciting opportunity for all registered Democrats in Boyd County. The Kentucky Democratic Party is going through a  bottom-up reorganization, a process where all of the precinct, county and state committees are re-elected. This normally happens during presidential election years. Due to the pandemic, it was moved to this year, and will be done completely virtually for the first time ever.

Reorganization gives all Democrats (registered as of April 8, 2021) the opportunity to build our party and create a permanent infrastructure for the success of future Democratic candidates. The process begins with Precinct Conventions, during which a committee of three people is elected: one man, one woman and a youth member (35 or younger). You can nominate yourself, another Democrat in your precinct, or just sign up to vote in the Precinct Conventions starting on March 15 through April 12 by going to or calling the Reorganization Hotline at (833) 468-6835.

The next steps of reorganization are the County Convention, Congressional District Convention, and then the State Convention. While this may seem like a whole lot of steps, because we can all participate virtually, it’s never been easier to get involved.

The state party has a lot of information on their website and are doing informational sessions. Please check out or call (833) 468-6835. I encourage all Democrats to participate!

Linda Campbell, Chair

Boyd Co. Democratic Exec. Committee

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