When Grace Worthington began her RACK fundraiser, she said she would keep us posted on her progress.

In the spirit of transparency, she has.

The 16-year-old decided to raise money to provide local agencies with coloring books and crayons for children being served. Her efforts, which she calls Color Covid with Kindness, yielded 202 coloring books and 202 boxes of 24-count crayons. Fifty-six of each went to Shelter of Hope; 56 of each went to King's Daughters Medical Center’s pediatric floor; and 90 of each went to Ashland Child Development Center.

Although the girl’s family has taught her to help others, she said she was inspired by Ashland’s Random Acts of Cody Kindness.

“RACK gave me even more want to bring kindness and strive to not give up on the little things in life that can bring a smile,” she said. “I want to bring some smiles to the little kids that may not quite understand.”

It’s not like the Fairview High School student has nothing else to do. In addition to her studies, she works part time at My Dad’s Pizza and she learned to sew this year, in part, so she could make masks; she donated about 60 masks to Wurtland Nursing and Rehabilitation before orders for masks came rolling in.

In a recent social media post, her mother, Carissa Salyers, said she thanks donors for their support on the coloring project.

In turn, we thank Grace Worthington for not just thinking of creative ways to help others, but investing her time and efforts to make those plans a reality in the Ashland community.

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