Nothing is making sense. This week, the Associated Press reported record numbers of COVID-19 patients being admitted to hospitals.

Figures from the Center for Disease Control show Boyd, Greenup and Carter counties aren’t halfway to full vaccination.

The Ashland-Boyd County Health Department announced 113 more cases of COVID-19 over a three-day period in its weekly release on Monday. In Greenup County, 178 new cases were reported last week.

Kentucky set another record Tuesday for virus patients in hospitals and intensive care units and on ventilators. The 4,638 new cases statewide were the fifth-highest daily total of the pandemic, and Beshear said the state is in its “most dangerous time we’ve seen in this pandemic.”

Kentucky has reported at least 7,575 virus-related deaths. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the state’s death count is the 27th highest in the country overall and the 30th highest per capita.

Twenty hospitals in Kentucky have reported being understaffed and overwhelmed by the number of COVID patients they're treating.

To paraphrase the old toy, the Magic 8 Ball, “All signs point to yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is going as strong as ever.”

Yet many schools are returning to in-person learning. Many offices and agencies seem to be proceeding with business as usual. Despite the rise of the Delta virus, which is much more contagious and deadly, and the pinpointing of a new Lambda variant in the United States, there aren’t enough of us getting vaccinated, wearing masks and practicing social distancing to defeat the pandemic.

Nothing is making sense. We shouldn’t be in this condition after nearly two years of COVID-19.

Leadership at the national, state, county and municipal levels must make some tough decisions that, in the end, will require cooperation from the public and the acceptance of vaccination and other precautions.

Some have suggested coming to herd immunity by allowing everyone to “get” COVID-19 is the only way to truly reach herd immunity.

Not only does that not make sense, it is a cruel and backward way to view the situation.

There is a vaccine. There is no need for the public to suffer and risk lives. The vaccines, which are highly effective, can save lives. We just have to get them into arms.

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