One of the late Yogi Berra’s famous phrases rings true these days: “It’s like deja vu all over again.”

Aside from dropping temperatures, earlier sundown times and emerging Christmas decorations, November feels eerily similar to April and May, when COVID-19 cases weren’t as numerous but the virus was just as furious. It’s gained unprecedented momentum, calling for familiar measures.

Whether or not you agree with him, Gov. Andy Beshear has proven he’s not simply out to collect votes. He won’t shy away from making an unpopular decision, but he genuinely seems to base his actions upon how many lives might be saved.

In typical Beshear fashion, he appears to have begun unveiling another set of day-by-day steps the Commonwealth must take in order to combat the coronavirus.

Every restriction will be painful to absorb, to at least some degree. Restaurants and bars took the biggest blow on Wednesday. Indoor dining can’t happen in Kentucky from Nov. 21-Dec. 13. Other restrictions will undoubtedly be in place for other types of businesses, too. With that, employees will be laid off, and these businesses will lose money. The local economy will suffer, but, ideally, fewer people will be infected with the virus — and fewer will die.

The local economy isn’t necessarily destined to meet a demise.

We must band together as a community once again, just as we did in April and May, and support local businesses. If it’s not currently in your routine to do so, make it part of your daily habits. Think local, eat local (carry-out) and shop local (with a mask).

Everybody seems to want to get 2020 behind us, but what if we make the most of this situation and are knitted closer than ever before?

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