Progress can be defined and measured in many ways — sometimes unseen. The most satisfying measure of progress is the visible variety.

The abundance of activity on the grounds of the Camp Landing Entertainment District has been refreshing to observe.

Just on the exterior of the former Kyova Mall (or Cedar Knoll Galleria, if you prefer), one couldn’t help but notice a number of changes over the past few months. There’s even more — much more — happening inside.

Malibu Jack’s is still on schedule to provide a source of amusement unlike ever previously seen in this area by Thanksgiving-ish. The interior of the former Elder-Beerman is under transformation.

Camp Landing Cinemas are renovated and going strong.

The Artsy Fartsy Walk is a fun, creative space ready for all to enjoy soon.

Between two Kings — Burger and Rural — a crown jewel is emerging in Cannonsburg.

The latest announcement regarding two restaurants entering the premises offers even more excitement. The most telling is Backyard Pizza and Raw Bar’s high interest in landing in Camp Landing. The owners viewed the potential success at a much greater level than the risk.

Entertainment options are growing, and it’s just the start.

How about a meal at Smokin’ J’s and a movie? Or a run to Rural King and a bite at Backyard? 

Jason Camp’s idea of leaving Malibu Jack’s accessible on both sides is a good one, too. It will be open to the wing that will feature all of the above.

Simply put: It’s nice to witness progress.

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