There’s a running, tongue-in-cheek common remark at the newspaper about writing stories without the word “pandemic” in it.

They’ve been few and far between, considering everybody is affected by this killer virus. Granted, you may have not been personally impacted, but someone you know has ... or, at least, could be in the future.

Gov. Andy Beshear used the word “grim” on Tuesday to describe the numbers, which paint a bleaker picture by the day.

Should we live our lives in fear? No. But should we take precautions, be smart and apply consideration for others? Yes.

As winter nears, more sickness will appear. The only way we can curtail the rise of COVID-19 cases is to follow the guidelines and think of others before ourselves.

More and more events are happening, and schools are back in. That’s not a bad thing ... unless guidelines aren’t heeded. It takes everybody buying in.

While it may seem difficult to adjust to these changes, we should already be washing our hands and keeping a respectable distance anyway. Simply throw a mask in the essentials along with your keys, purse or wallet and phone.

The last two months are evidence enough that this is not going away. In fact, it’s proof that it can worsen.

Let’s unite behind Beshear’s message that we can stop this surge.

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