We can give up on the cliche question, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Unfortunately, that seems only occur in times of tragedy.

How about this question: Can we just grow up?

Our President and our Speaker of the House continued to spearhead a figurative third-grade “na-na-na-na-boo-boo’s” and tongues-out-with-thumbs-in-ears-and-fingers-fluttering battle.

This country’s division was on full display during the State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Union — what a concept.

We’ve forgotten how to set aside our differences, and our divisive, venom-filled actions are a direct reflection of our country’s “leaders.”

Donald Trump’s actual speech wasn’t all that bad. It may not have been completely factual, but that’s a different story.

His handshake snub set a poor tone. Now, it can be argued that Nancy Pelosi extended her hand a tad late. Well, let’s go to the replay booth. Hmm, the evidence is inconclusive.

Trump should’ve shaken her hand. That would’ve been the presidential thing to do.

Pelosi tried — and, well, failed — to hold it together throughout his speech. Some of her reactions, while comical, weren’t at all professional.

And then came the move that will now be known as “The Pelosi” — the papers containing that speech, emphatically ripped multiple times for all to see. She was sending a message that’s already been clearly sent — see “impeachment proceedings.”

And, so, the speech and the contents of it are playing second fiddle to the no-shake and the shred.

Perhaps we should fall in line with politicians, firmly taking a side on this and not dare budge.

Nah, let’s just conclude with this: Both are wrong for what they did. They tainted what should be one of the most patriotic moments of any political year.

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