Grayson appears to have provided the Tri-State with some good news.

A protest on Sunday yielded what any protest would be proud to have accomplished: It brought two sides together to communicate.

It was the third demonstration in as many weeks in Grayson spurred by the Black Lives Matter movement. All three times drew armed, counter-protesters.

The scene at each protest was cause for concern for the safety of protesters on both sides.

While the first two (of those three) protests were heated — and Sunday’s encounter had its share of quarrels — what's important is the two sides made progress.

In any topic, there are at least two sides to be discussed, and in many cases, there will be quarrels. That's acceptable, as long as those involved remain nonviolent and make a case using honesty and a true desire to understand the other side and find common ground.

That sounds like what happened in Grayson.

In Monday’s edition of The Daily Independent, Henry Culvyhouse reported the following:

“As the discussion continued, counter-protesters and protesters began shaking hands — some even hugged.

“A few even followed the protesters back across the street to the pavilion. One took a picture with the protesters and stated he was ‘with them 110%.’”

Perhaps it took three tries for protesters and counter-protesters to make some peace. So be it. The United States Congress has met regularly for more than 200 years, and some of those years, it didn't accomplish as much as was accomplished in Grayson on Sunday. The positive vibes that resulted are a testament to what honesty and willingness to listen can do.

It might seem like a only a little progress, but it was progress, and kudos to both sides for achieving it.

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