Educators across the country are mulling over tough situations and making challenging decisions as back-to-school dates inch closer on the calendar.

Area administrators have done a fine job of outlining and communicating plans to families of students.

Some schools went a seemingly simpler route, offering fewer options. But even then, it will be much more complicated than what’s currently visible on the surface.

Some schools are offering a smorgasbord of options. While it may appear convoluted, each course of action has been meticulously planned out and penned by superintendents.

This will be a stressful August for teachers as they prepare for something totally different. Students must adapt, too, of course, but most children — at least before teenage years — are malleable.

Principals, teachers, coaches and counselors will be the role models setting examples — by enforcing and practicing social distancing, wearing masks, etc. The pressure is on them. Most students will follow their lead.

Northeastern Kentucky is fortunate to have such a large group of caring administrators and teachers eager to instruct the area’s children during unprecedented times.

The ball is in the parents’ and guardians’ courts (homes) now. Will they keep that ball at home or pass it back to the schools? There may be several families who, for instance in Carter County, try a hybrid plan that involves certain days at home and some at school. That may work for some, but others need more consistency, routine and structure.

Best of luck, parents, as you make decisions for your children during these strange times. Best of luck, educators, as you work diligently to make it the safest, best experience for these students, all the while attempting to do what you set out to do — teach.

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