Art in any form is a great gift. To be able to create art also is a gift.

Madeline Tipton of The Tipton Creative has the gift of making art, which she has used to give Hager Elementary School a mural.

Bright colors and fun images, including some of students' favorite characters, embellish the walls outside the school's library, inviting them in to explore all the library offers.

Library media specialist Kelsey Price asked Tipton, her former student, to create the mural to help get students into the library, whether they were interested in checking out a book, swapping books at the exchange or participating in STEM activities.

Made possible by a grant from the Ashland Kentucky Urban Arts Project, the mural is an inspiring addition to the school and its visual impact is bound to draw attention to the school library. 

The mural also allows students to see what the school's former students can achieve. That is a lesson to students about hard work, focus, inspiration, drive and achievement. Those lessons can not always be found in textbooks and lesson plans; those lessons are often best learned from people students know and watch. Those lessons surely will be conveyed by seeing a former student of the school perform her craft in the halls of the school.

And those lessons will continue: Price wants Tipton to continue her mural inside the library.

An exciting mural by a former students seems like just the thing to draw attention to the library and its services while teaching a few of its own lessons.

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