On today’s front page, you read a story about Russ Crawford, a good Samaritan who chose to spend a good chunk of his time helping others on Christmas Eve — after a 12-hour work day.

Crawford surely isn’t the only one to have lent a hand amid the pouring snow in the tri-state area on Thursday. In fact, he wasn’t the only one providing assistance to so many spinning and stuck vehicles on Blackburn Avenue. We wrote about Russ Crawford because he encapsulated the generosity of a great deal of people in this region.

Crawford saved Christmas Eve for a few folks. They’ll forever remember the good deeds of a good man.

How many others fit that mold? Too many to count, truly. Our area is rich with wonderful people who make sacrifices to help in times of crisis — or just when spirits are low.

We should be encouraged and inspired by the Russ Crawfords out there as we move past Christmas and into the New Year. How can we do our part and help others in our community? How can we uplift those around us? 

We never know with whom we may cross paths. Let’s vow to be more observant and be more courteous in 2021. Let’s make chivalry a common sight. We as an editorial board can’t find any fault in that goal.

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