It won’t go down in history as the best speech of all time, but Joe Biden’s Democratic nomination acceptance speech didn’t come from the “Sleepy Joe” or “Slow Joe” that President Donald Trump keeps describing.

Granted, Biden had the stage all to himself, was in a comfortable spot and read from a teleprompter, but he delivered on key points and wasn’t even close to fitting the senile, stammering old man that Trump prefers to depict.

It’s been a strong two weeks for Biden, first with his selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate and second with a successful Democratic National Convention. Biden has completely established that he will be no pushover in this presidential race.

Will this be Biden’s pinnacle moment or is he on the rise to the top of his game? The Democratic Party hopes it’s the latter.

If this is his best moment, four more years of Trump is in the works. If his best is yet to come, Biden has a real shot to take Trump down.

On-the-fence voters — are there any out there in this right-or-left society? — likely gained respect for Biden after an effective DNC.

How will Trump responded in the Republican National Convention? If he’s incessantly in attack mode and constantly demeaning Biden, it will reveal that he’s threatened by him. If he confidently conveys a message that he will tackle the tough issues the country is facing and focus on his own campaign, it will help. Leave the jabs to a minimum — save them for the debates. If Trump could somehow omit the insults, it would bode well for the on-the-fence voters. But that would require a significant character change.

Trump better beware, though. It appears “Sleepy Joe” is awake, alert and ready to dig in for a fight for the White House.

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