Although we are considered an essential business, we at The Daily Independent don’t deem ourselves untouchable.

We’re like a small-market sports team that will have a tough time surviving without drawing fans to the seats.

If you’re a fervent follower of The Daily Independent, we can only express gratitude and continue to make you aware that with you, we flourish, and without you, we flounder.

Although we can’t please everyone — which can’t be our goal if we are to remain journalistically sound — we will work hard to inform, and even entertain, all of our readers.

A small-market newspaper can thrive even when there’s a negative narrative about the newspaper industry on the whole.

Small-market newspapers such as The Daily Independent care about the communities they serve.

We’ve faced a slew of challenges, including dwindling circulation numbers because of various reasons. But we’re making sure one of those reasons isn’t because we changed our identity. Our identity has been constant since 1896, and it won’t change.

We’re human — and our staff consists of fewer humans now than it has in a long time — so we will make mistakes along the way. That’s not an excuse, it’s just a fact.

The Daily Independent will, though, continue to bring balanced reporting, a mix of hard news and features, and some amusing content along the way.

This seven-to-five-days move is not a rush to a purely digital product. It’s not even a step in that direction, exactly. We understand many of our readers like the print edition only. That’s why, really and truly, we are still printing six editions — the weekend is basically two in one.

If you own a device capable of accessing the e-paper, we encourage you to visit and try it out on Tuesday.

There is no cookie-cutter model for success in life, and there isn’t in newspapers, either. But we do know we aren’t going to change our identity.

We’ve heard from so many of you this past week announcing your loyalty to this newspaper.

Despite a society that can quickly gravitate to doom and gloom, we are optimistic about The Daily Independent because of the tremendous community of which we are a part. Thanks for your support. Keep cheering us on.

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