“You know who you are? Even Steven.” Cosmo Kramer once gave Jerry Seinfeld such a label in “Seinfeld” because no matter what seemed to go awry for Jerry, something soon went equally well for him, evening things out.

Is northeastern Kentucky Even Steven?

Well, it’s much easier to focus on the negative news — or, at least, news that can be construed as such — but there’s actually been some positive stories recently that are helping balance it all out.

For all of the employees, patients and families affected by the Our Lady of Bellefonte announcement, our hearts go out to you. Even with the announcement, though, so many extended-area health care facilities have conducted job fairs and reached out to those searching for employment. Do the cons outweigh the pros at the moment regarding this story? Sure, but there may be some silver lining after all.

Take a peek at last Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Independent. It was announced, yes, that Salvation Army’s emergency shelter will close by March 31. There was also a positive story out of Boyd County — with a $4 million grant going to Rush Off-Road improvements. These are two totally unrelated stories, and we wish to see immediate assistance for the homeless who are affected by the shelter closing. In Rush, however, opportunities (both short-term and long-term) will be created from this grant.

Turn the page to Friday. Braidy Industries appears to be dealing with internal issues, which have been well-documented at this point, but the city of Ashland received $6.8 million in state TIF funds.

Let’s absorb these negative stories for what they’re worth, but we can’t just hunker down and take a beating. Let’s band together to solve problems in our community.

As for the positive stories, let’s celebrate the Rush Off-Road grant, the job fairs coming to the rescue and the funds going to the city for a downtown convention center and parking.

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