Forty-three years ago, Abba released the hit tune “Take A Chance On Me.”

It’s almost as if Ashland is adopting it as its theme song lately. 

Although the outlook may appear grim with AK Steel closing and Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital apparently rapidly reaching its finality at a roadrunner-like pace, well, as the late great Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

It’s not over in Ashland just yet.

Look at the bright side. There, you’ll find people like Blake and Amanda Gillum, Dr. E.B. Gevedon, Taj Sardar, Dr. Alexander Hou, Cody Foran, Mikal Miller, Richard and Shelly Ritchie and Billy and Christy Bare, among so many others, who are taking chances on Ashland — to them, it’s not even that much of a chance. It’s more of a leap of faith. They’re all confident their businesses can thrive in Ashland.

With so much focus on downtown revitalization recently, there’s a clear vision coming into focus in our city. It could be a breathtaking sight to watch unfold. Then again, you may be distracted by negativity.

Don’t let it happen. Pick a role in helping improve the area and play that role to the fullest — as if you’re on stage at the Paramount.

And remember, while signs are pointing toward dreariness regarding both Bellefonte and AK Steel, a silver lining may surface.

So, let’s not only take a chance on Ashland. Take a firm stance: Ashland (and the surrounding area) will endure.

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