What’s a summer in Ashland without Summer Motion? We’ll find out soon enough.

Given the circumstances, it makes complete sense to call off the event and bring it back perhaps better than ever in 2021. The decision is undeniably a smart one, but it still hurts.

Imagine if organizers had just continued to plan as usual during this unprecedented pandemic. City money would’ve been tied up in an event that may not even occur.

For an event of such magnitude, months and months of planning are involved. Businesses make commitments. Musical acts make commitments. Vendors make commitments. “Commitment” isn’t exactly in the coronavirus vocabulary word bank.

As the cliche says, “spring is coming.” For us in Ashland — and the nation — “spring” may arrive in the fall.

All the promising plans of downtown revitalization, and making more use of the riverfront area, well, it can all still happen. We at the newspaper believe it will indeed happen, but it’s just on hold.

The world hasn’t literally stopped turning, as evidenced by the “Super Moon” on Tuesday, but it sure feels like it.

The sights and sounds of summer won’t be the same.

Perhaps eventually the baseball and softball fields will be abuzz again. People will populate downtown streets for a bite to eat at a new favorite small-business spot. The pools will be full again. Vehicles will be zipping across the bridges for a quick trip to Ohio or West Virginia. … All of this will happen again, but it may be as the leaves are turning. Hard to grasp.

It’s only April. Can we be patient and keep our sanity and intelligence intact for a few more months? Let’s give it our best shot.

Summer Motion is a big one, but it’s just the first of many events that will fall by the wayside for the summer of 2020. Spring will come … but brace yourself for the fall.

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