We at The Daily Independent are thankful to be here on this Thanksgiving Day 2020.

It’s been a rough ride at times over the last eight months.

The employee phone directories displayed near each of our desks aren’t nearly as plentiful as they once were. The press room is eerily quiet every night. Community “Independent” mailboxes are empty on Tuesdays and Sundays (unless you save the Weekend edition for Sunday). And that’s truly just the tip of the iceberg.

We appreciate all of you readers for your patience and understanding as we’ve dealt with numerous changes, as many businesses have this year. Some of those businesses have been unyieldingly devoted to advertising in this particular newspaper. For that we are also grateful. We aim to be a community partner while also presenting a fair journalistic picture.

Ashland and the surrounding area had already been hit hard pre-pandemic. With the shuttering of AK Steel, the closure of Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital and the painful delay of a promised aluminum mill, the economic landscape was already bleak. Then, boom, COVID-19. However, northeastern Kentucky is far from alone in combatting this universal monster.

The Daily Independent, through it all, is choosing a glass-half-full approach because we sit in the center of a special, close-knit community.

We realize our duty is to give you the news you need, and — in this era of confusion, conspiracy theories and misconstrued information — be the source you trust.

We are thankful to be here today, we’re thankful for our past, and we’ll be thankful to be here tomorrow. We cherish our unique position. We strive to serve you with fair, balanced reporting and a mix of stories that make this community what it is.

We like to tell all of you this often: Thank you for reading. Happy Thanksgiving.

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