Just in time for holiday break, Malibu Jack’s opened its doors and perhaps even shut a few mouths in doing so.

Any major project with positive aspirations will bring with it an unwritten invitation to critics and complainers.

It’s natural in northeastern Kentucky to be a cynic. After all, things haven’t exactly been all sunshine and rainbows over recent years. That’s precisely been a good deal of the motivation behind moving so quickly at the Camp Landing Entertainment District over the last few months — not to necessarily quiet naysayers but more so to establish trust.

There’s nothing wrong with being armed with a few questions borne out of concern. We’ve had a handful ourselves.

Talk is cheap, but Jason Camp and fellow co-owners, along with Boyd County Fiscal Court, are speaking through action at the old KYOVA Mall so far.

The “black cloud” has given way to bright rays of sunlight — the “always sunny and 72 degrees” Malibu Jack’s, as coined by Vice President Steve Hatton; the freshly paved portion of a previously perilous parking lot; an art walk showcasing local talent; and a rapidly renovated cinema.

The county is moving forward with plans of a convention center and farmers market. Camp is working toward relocating Smokin J’s and bringing in another restaurant — Backyard Pizza and Raw Bar — to the premises.

So far, every notable promise has either come to fruition or has consisted of movement toward that pursuit.

Take this Malibu Jack’s, for instance, which is the company’s largest location. Word was the entertainment venue would be open sometime around the holidays. It’s not complete yet, but the doors flew open before Christmas.

Action does indeed speak louder than words. The proof is along U.S. 60 in Cannonsburg.

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