Even if you disagree with the stance held by those who participated in the annual “pro-life chain” this past Sunday in Ashland, we should commend anyone who makes a strong statement in a peaceful manner.

As Beckie Clere, the director of Two Hearts Pregnancy Care services, said, it was a “peaceful, prayerful coming together of pro-life Christians.”

Abortion is always a polarizing topic, especially during a presidential election year, but Sunday’s event went without a hitch.

Agreeing to disagree is such a novel concept these days, but it’s so important that we as Americans can peacefully express our opinions while respecting other viewpoints.

An open-minded society opens the door to numerous possibilities.

While a good portion of the participants are likely Republicans, Sunday’s event was a snapshot that if you feel strongly about any subject with which we deal in this country, it’s OK to stand for it — and it doesn’t always have to be political.

It’s simply exercising a First Amendment right. That’s something we can all stand behind.

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