Our job as journalists is to, putting it simply, report the news, and of course the stories sometimes fall into the “bad news” category.

Mayfield and other western Kentucky were torn to pieces by tornadoes on Dec. 10 and 11, and we at The Daily Independent relied on Associated Press reports for publication. With it being 380 or so miles away, we weren’t able to have a reporter on the ground there, so we’re thankful for AP.

The bad news never really fades. It’s always been said that time heals all wounds, but no one ever specifies how much time.

The aftermath of that record-setting tornado will linger for a long, long time. Loved ones won’t return. Homes and businesses won’t be built the same way they were once constructed.

But we’ve jumped at the opportunity to print positive news stemming from this tragedy.

It’s truly been the giving season as Kentuckians from every portion of the commonwealth have poured in support in the form of financial donations and various items, such as clothing, water and toys.

The “Stuff The Bus” movement in which schools took part was incredible. County employees and other volunteers went westward to help, too.

The kindness and generosity displayed over the last couple weeks has been soul-warming.

The spirit of the holiday season has been palpable.

Way to come together, Kentucky.

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