CNN host Don Lemon crossed the line with his incorrect reference to Jesus Christ late last week.

Granted, the TV news business is challenging. There are so many talking heads addressing the same tough topics. All of these anchors and/or analysts feel degrees of pressure as they strive to be fresh and original while also maintaining a reputation as a professional journalist.

Lemon could’ve come up with so many fitting comparisons to a particular subject on which he was speaking, but he used Jesus’ name — incorrectly.

Lemon said Jesus Christ “admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.”

Lemon should’ve left religion out of the equation, or at least researched more thoroughly before uttering such a statement.

The problem with Lemon’s verbiage is that he alluded to Jesus or someone admitting he wasn’t perfect. Christian beliefs stripped to their most basic level entail Jesus was perfect while on Earth. There is no Christian-based literature, first and foremost including the Bible, in which Jesus is referred to as imperfect.

Lemon must be careful when referencing religious figures. It’s playing with fire. Being wrong in this instance diminishes his and CNN’s credibility substantially.

Congratulations, Mr. Lemon. You just gave the “Fake News” people more power.

For Lemon, this is not an unforgivable mistake. However, a little more wisdom behind word choice going forward could go a long way.

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