The Proclaimers once sang about walking 500 miles (and even 500 more) “just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles” to fall down at a woman’s door.

If that ever actually happened, it went undocumented.

What is verified is this: a 90-year-old woman made a 6-mile trek through snow amid frigid temperatures in Seattle … and not just to fall down at someone’s door. Her goal was simple: Get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Seattle, known for rain, experienced a rare snow-dump accumulating to about a foot — not enough to hinder Fran Goldman from getting her first dose of the coronavirus shot.

According to multiple national media outlets, the Seattle resident spent days making calls and perusing the web to figure out how to make an appointment. She finally scheduled that appointment for last Sunday. 

The blizzard prompted authorities to advise residents against traveling — so she traveled on foot. She credited a hip replacement in 2020 for helping her handle the navigation.

After successfully taking a test walk the day prior, she dressed in fleece plants and a short-sleeved shirt, according to — and then piled on layers: a fleece zip-up, a down coat and a rain jacket. According to Today, she put on snow boots, grabbed her walking sticks and set off for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Goldman was only five minutes late to her appointment.

In a few weeks, she plans to drive to receive her second dose.

As she proved, though, come hell or high water (or freezing cold and foot-high snow), she’s going to get that shot.

That’s how important this vaccine is to her. That’s how important it should be to all of us.

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