Why are some people turning on Gov. Andy Beshear?

No state leader has pleased or will ever manage satisfying every single member of the state’s population, but it seemed like Beshear had a great deal of support throughout the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Andy at five” became a daily staple, a throwback tradition of sorts — perhaps families watched together before eating dinner as a unit.

But, that got old to our impatient society.

The governor’s presence, which brought comfort and a calming effect at the end of March and beginning of April, lost its luster for many.

Those Facebook hearts and thumbs turned into red faces.


People are out of work. Kids are out of school. Moms are out of routine. Dads are out of patience. Life just isn’t the same. And even though a lot of people will admit these strange times have evoked a greater appreciation for aspects of life previously taken for granted, they’ve had enough already.

Please understand — we at The Daily Independent get all of that.

We also understand Gov. Beshear’s approach.

Will his strategy pay off comparing to other states? Time will tell.

According to a Forbes article this week, only Kentucky and North Dakota are adhering to federal guidelines to properly reopen.

White House guidelines, the story states, indicate states must see a “downward trajectory” of positive tests (as a percentage of total tests) for two weeks, along with a beefed-up testing system.

As much scrutiny as Beshear has faced — which undoubtedly goes with the territory — he’s stuck to his strategy.

“Our goal is to reopen Kentucky’s economy in a gradual and safe way, to ensure that we can get people back to work,” he said. “But at the same time, we acknowledge none of us have ever seen a worldwide pandemic like this in our lifetime.”

Everybody has an opinion, but not everybody has to make decisions every day that impact 4.5 million people (estimated population of Kentucky).

Let’s get behind our governor. Remember, supporting someone doesn’t mean you always agree with him or her.

Beshear is going with the “slow and steady wins the race” approach. He’s not being the wild, distracted hare. He’s taken on the role of the mild-mannered tortoise, who methodically yet relentlessly gets the job done.

Let’s root him on. After all, he’s representing our Commonwealth.

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