Several local businesses reopened on Wednesday. Did you visit them? Do you plan to? Why?

Shopping local is more important now than it’s been in a long time.

Supporting your hometown specialty shops is an essential part of pushing through this pandemic.

The act of helping out a local place supplying items or services of interest is more than a “feel-good” move. It bolsters the economy. It revitalizes an area quickly.

Simply put, when you buy local, more money remains in the community.

There’s nothing wrong with stopping in at a major-chain store — after all, as many have noticed, they’ve faced their own share of troubles — but don’t neglect the “little guy.”

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Several of these local places of businesses are reopening against all odds.

You don’t want to live in a ghost town, so play a role in reviving it. Pump some spirit into Ashland — or Grayson, Greenup, Catlettsburg or wherever you may dwell. Toss on your mask and visit the hard-working business owners who themselves labor behind the counter. Give them a thumbs-up (since we can’t shake hands) as you walk away a satisfied customer. It’ll give both the patron and store worker a mutual boost of energy.

Forget about the extra buck or two you might fork over for a product that you can buy online at a cheaper price. That doesn’t help your local economy — and what’s wrong with a little human interaction?

New Economics Foundation research David Boyle once said “money is like blood; it needs to keep moving around to keep the economy going.”

Want to keep the pulse of your community pounding strong? Shop local.

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