How society treats animals is a good barometer of how caring that society is.

So when anyone is charged with animal neglect or cruelty, serious investigation should be done.

Randy Skaggs, founder of the Trixie Foundation in Webbville, faces 12 counts of improper disposal of animal remains when Kentucky State Police found dead cats and dogs in the facility’s freezer Saturday. Skaggs was already charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty charges from 2018.

In addition, police seized 90 dogs from the no-kill shelter because of “poor living conditions.”

This newspaper wrote about the Trixie Foundation when it formed for than 30 years ago and continued covering the foundation’s progress. It was clear to us Skaggs had good intentions and a deep love for animals, so when he said in reports on Saturday that he had “not intentionally done anything except try to help these animals,” we believe him.

However, it is obvious the foundation’s needs outgrew his ability to fulfill them.

Reports stated several dogs found during the search of the facility suffered “medical neglect.” Some had to tranquilized before leaving the shelter and one was euthanized at the facility. As for the animals found in the freezer, Skaggs said he failed to bury them because of a high workload.

There is no doubt Skaggs had a high workload, but there is no doubt his animals were not properly cared for.

Kudos to all who take action to help animals, but limits must be set as to how many animals can be helped. If not, all will suffer.

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