One Ashland man deserves credit for community service like we’ve never seen before.

Former home builder Shannon Hill’s excess of tools inspired him to open the Ashland Area Tool Library.

He had heard of another city with a tool library, so he opened one at his garage at 1604 Spring Park.

Residents may borrow lawn mowers, weedeaters and pressure washers; many of the borrowers simply don’t have room to store the items where they live. They also have access to angle grinders, sawhorses and ladders, as well as other tools, from fairly common to rarely used.

There is no charge or no membership to borrow a tool. He doesn’t even ask for donations, although he receives a few, which he puts toward buying more tools needed by locals.

It’s also simple to use: visit his Facebook page and schedule a time for pickup.

To provide even more help to the area, he and some friends started the informational group Hearts and Hammers, which they use to do small repair jobs for the elderly and disabled in the area.

Hill deserves two thumbs up for this idea.

One: He’s offering help that’s not available elsewhere. It’s help that can be accessed by people of any income level. For free. It’s real and it’s practical.

Two: Hill showed initiative, generosity and outside-the-box thinking in starting the tool library.

There is no limit to what can be done in the Tri-State using those three approaches to life.

Thank you to Hill for instituting a great idea in Ashland.

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