Contrasting lists, the Jan. 1 “top 10” and today’s “top 10,” we hope, provide a bit of balance as we begin 2021.

In the first edition of the year, you read about the top stories of 2020. It wasn’t too taxing to compile the list, especially the first five, but what made it difficult was the tough tone of the stories. Many of them encapsulated just how depressing 2020 was.

But … we did it! We emerged from a hellacious year, which brings us to today’s top 10. 

We decided to help soften the blow of 2020, let’s put together a list of heartwarming stories that shows just how resilient, strong and generous the folks in our corner of Kentucky are.

We tip our cap to all of you out there who “stepped to the plate” as reporter Henry Culvyhouse wrote. Without your tremendous acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, 2020 would’ve been even worse.

Because of your selfless sacrifices, you all made 2020 a little more bearable. 

One might think it would be challenging to pick out 10 heartwarming stories from such a forgettable year, but because we have so many great people in our region, it wasn’t too arduous.

Here’s to 2021. Let’s make it a good one.

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