Rallying around a cause is a beautiful thing. It happens all around us in this area. Some of us may even be directly impacted by these good deeds, whether it’s the giving or receiving side.

In a world that can seem so awful at every turn, there’s a flip side to the coin that’s often unseen. The good people do just isn’t always as visible, probably because they’re not doing these things for attention or figurative gold stars. They’re doing these acts out of the kindness of their hearts.

Tragedy struck in Greenup on Tuesday morning. Fire and smoke ravaged a building where people dwell. So many who call Stone Side Apartments their home were in search of other places to lay their heads on Tuesday evening.

First, we must commend the firefighters for responding so quickly and adeptly. Everyone evacuated safely as first responders from Greenup, Wurtland, Flatwoods and Russell worked tirelessly to extinguish the flames. The fire scene was active for more than eight hours.

The community immediately came together to assist those affected by the flames.

“Greenup County Strong” rapidly became the rallying cry. As we reported, local churches were among fast-to-react organizations in this desperate time of need.

Social media can be a useful tool — it’s not always evil — and that was evidenced on Tuesday. Word of the news quickly and widely circulated, and people pounced on the opportunity to help.

We are thankful no one lost his or her life in amid this tragedy, and we are grateful to be in a region where the good in people rises to the surface during tough times. We wish the best for those impacted by the fire.

Contact American Red Cross in Greenup (606-473-9594), the Greenup County Clerk’s Office (606-473-7394) or the Greenup United Methodist Church (606-473-9236) if you’d like to help these families.

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