Using the words “uncertain times” to describe the last six months is an understatement.

Let’s look specifically at the sports world.

First of all, please join us in giving our wonderful sports department a round of applause as they’ve managed to churn out fresh content throughout a pandemic.

We’ll write about the next big project in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at the sports landscape overall.

It’s the fourth day of September, and we haven’t had one Friday night light bulb burning yet. Kickoff is still a week away.

The NBA and NHL playoffs from the 2019-20 season are STILL ongoing.

The MLB season just a little more than halfway over, and it’s already playoff-race time.

The Kentucky Derby is … this weekend? Correct, with no spectators.

Usually at this time, college football’s first weekend is in the books and NFL fans are complaining about a way-too-long preseason; let’s get the show on the road already. Well, NFL is still set for a Sept. 10 kickoff (before high school football in Kentucky) and some NCAA football (most notably the SEC and C-USA around here thanks to Kentucky and Marshall) is on the horizon.

And did you miss the Summer Olympics this year? Did you even remember The Games were slated to happen?

Given all the fragility of sports seasons, which seem to be a serious COVID outbreak away from putting them in jeopardy, how likely are volleyball, cross country, soccer and football this fall? It appears the start date will hold true, but who knows how it will play out and finish?

The Daily Independent’s stance is this: Let’s give these student-athletes recognition regardless.

For instance, the annual high school football preview issue is set for Sept. 11 publication. If on Sept. 8, the season is delayed or called off for whatever reason — and let the record state we hope that’s not the case — that football tab is still greeting your fingertips and eyes on Sept. 11.

Previews for other fall sports seasons are coming, too, no matter what. These student-athletes and coaches have put in hard work and are deserving of the recognition.

Let’s continue to support and encourage all folks in education and sports at all levels as they navigate these uncharted, challenging waters.

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